iitel scribbled:hi baby!!

hi baby! :’> 

posted 1 year ago

Anonymous scribbled:what does scribblingheartsandstars mean? also do you make $ with your blog using peepspayerDOTcom?

It means that i am the writer (scribble) of my own love story (hearts) and my own dreams (stars). And no, i don’t make $ with my blog, anon. hahaha. where did you get that?

posted 2 years ago

meowsakojesel scribbled:Your blog is awesome! :)

Aww :’) thanks my dear!

posted 2 years ago

yourlovesetmefree scribbled:You have an amazing blog :)

aww, thank you sweetheart! <3

marrymechristianlouboutin scribbled:Hi lovely! Check out my blog? :)

sure, i’ll check it out now :))

posted 2 years ago

xoxo-photography scribbled:Hello. Thank you for following me. I followed you back cause I love your posts.

You do? Thank you! <3

posted 2 years ago

seekingaugustus scribbled:Where did you get your music player? What website? :)


posted 2 years ago

zoebegum scribbled:Hey there! I just wanted you to check out two videos on my tumblr. I am trying to raise awareness of depression and bullying. The two videos are seperate and one is about bullying while the other is about depression. That girl in the video is a girl named Zeba; I actually know her. Do me a favour and do reblog it please. Help me spread the message and show the support! Thanks a bunch. (:

^help her guys. thanks a lot! <3

posted 2 years ago

withmuchlove19 scribbled:love your blog! taga manila ka din pala eh ;) HAHAHAHA hiiiiii xx

wow! thank you! mas love ko blog mo! hahaha. yup, helloooo ;D

posted 2 years ago

chasing-sunsetss-deactivated201 scribbled:check out my blog please? :)

sure :)

posted 2 years ago